• Civil engineer – Polytechnic Institute of Cluj-Napoca

Faculty of Civil Engineering – Class of 1981

  • Project surveyor (certificate nr. 233/ 1992)
    • A1, A3, A8, A10, A11, A12
  • The Rehabilitation of Historic Monuments

Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Class of 2000

  • Expert in the field of consolidation/ restoration of historic structures

(certificate nr. 109 – S/ 2000), the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults

  • Technical Expert, certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Ministry of Culture and Cults (2016)
    • MLPAT (certificate nr. 07202/ 2006)

Professional activity

  • The Keöpeczi Sebestyén József Association for Monument Protection
  • The Transylvanian Historic Building Conservationists’ Society


Years of service: 28 years of designing and carrying out construction works in the fields of historic monuments and architecture.

The consolidation of historic monuments: the Damokos Mansion – Cernat, Covasna County, the Mikes Mansion – Zagon, Covasna County, the Hollaky Mansion – Dobolii de Jos, Covasna County, the Henter Mansion – Sântimbru, Harghita County, the Unitarian church – Chilieni, Covasna County, the Roman-Catholic church – Ghelinţa, Covasna County, „The Assumption of the Virgin” church, Tg. Secuiesc, the Roman-Catholic church, Armăşeni, Harghita County, the Reformed church – Ieremieni, Mureş County, the Church on the Hill – Sighişoara, Mureş County, the Evangelical church – Saschiz, Mureş County, the House with Antlers – Sighişoara, Mureş County, Schässburg Hotel – Sighişoara, The boarding house of the Josef Haltrich High School – Sighişoara, The Shoemakers’ Tower, Sighişoara, The Arcade House, Sf. Gheorghe, Covasna County, The Graft Tower – Braşov, The White Tower – Braşov, Houses nr. 16, 17 – Council Square, Braşov

Structural Assessments: the Evangelical church, Brădeni, the Evangelical church, Agnita, the roof structure of St. Bartholomew Evangelical church in Braşov, St. Nicholas church, Budila, Braşov County, The Roman-Catholic church in Mediaş


2001 The NICOLAE GHIKA – BUDEŞTI Prize for the Design and restoration of the House with Antlers, Sighişoara The Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults – C.N.M.I.

2003 The GRIGORE IONESCU Prize for the Design and restoration of the Church on the Hill, Sighişoara The Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults – C.N.M.I.

2005 EUROPA NOSTRA Prize for the Restoration and consolidation of the Church on the Hill, Sighişoara